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Recruitment Agencies for Qatar

MME recruitment consultancy has been working with employers in Qatar for over a decade now. We have a very sound understanding of Qatar's economy and nature of manpower required in various industries.  We understand that skilled and experienced professionals are the foundation of any successful company and we provide you the same at much lower expenses. If you are looking to hire professional from India MME is your best bet.

Petroleum industry being the single largest contributor to Qatar's total revenue (70%) seeks experts in management, internationals sales, drilling and refining, petrochemical research and manufacturing, engineering, explorations and much more. Recruitment for Oil and Gas industry is our #1 expertise since our inception. We have also provided Qatar skilled engineers, architects, managers for Construction & infrastructure development, Energy and Power generation etc.

With one of the highest per capita income, Qatar has a vibrant Finance market where rich investors look to invest in mega projects both in domestic and international arena. Our financial analysts, accounting professionals and Islamic finance specialists have exceeded expectations for many employers and fortune 500 companies around the globe

Consider MME for your manpower requirements and submit a vacancy FREE. Experience our high quality service and reap the benefits of our rich talent pool. You might even like to know how we work and bring the best talent to meet your exact manpower requirement. Contact us today to know more about our services.