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Recruitment Services in Power Generation & Distribution Sector

Electricity is the symbol of development and modern man will choose to go hungry for a day over going without electricity for a day. Considering this significance in human life, energy crisis is a major obstacle hindering the development of a nation.  While power companies around the world strive to provide clean and abundant supply of power, the requirement of talented manpower in power generation and distribution becomes vitally important.

The generation, transmission and distribution market has evolved over the years in such a way that they are able to address the demand up to an extent, though further ventures are still required to address the demand to the full extent. For that, it needs highly qualified and experienced professionals from field technicians to directors, to ensure smooth delivery of the projects.

The major modes of electricity production units in organised sector are thermal, electrical and nuclear. Recently a steep rise in demand for engineers and technicians in renewable energy is being noticed. Even in distribution sector, there is a dearth of qualified professionals.

Mostly we get talent requirements for the following

  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Plant design
  • Marketing and Business Development in Power Sector
  • Construction and site development
  • Top management roles

As a committed recruitment consultants in India, MME Recruitment Consultants have a solution for this that address client requirements across the globe. Standardised selection procedure and greater client orientation ensure that the right candidates are being selected. It must be noted that the candidates with qualification, great communication and interpersonal skills would never return with empty hands, provided they are well aware of the job description and are willing to provide creative solutions to the employers needs.

Be informed that it is a profession, which requires adaptability with situations like long working hours, harsh working conditions (off-shore drilling, dessert and polar sites) and candidates are expected to fulfil such demands. The recruitment firm is committed to provide recruitments with adaptability and ensure the timeline of recruitment. For further questions, you can contact us or post your vacancies here.