Senior / Top Management Confidential Resume Manager.

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Senior / Top Management Confidential Resume Manager.

While guarantying your individual privacy and protection against cyber theft MME has launched a Confidential Resume management / Confidential Talent Hunt service where we religiously guard the identity of the candidate and the employer and protect the hiring until hiring is successful. Get in touch with our experts today and learn what we can do for you. -->

Senior Management hiring is a subject of confidentiality at both ends (Employer and Employee). Now-a-days, online hiring process is effective in employment world but confidentiality of job seeker’s resume or employer’s posting is still a subject of realization. While some job portals do offer confidential options to candidates it is still unclear how effective is this confidential factor.

The candidate seeking confidentiality and the employee may be using the same job portal and in cases of senior / top management recruitment only a handful of options are available so maintaining the confidentiality on a portal becomes doubtful. This may sometime risk your current job or create insecurity for your employees.

Employers also need to be extremely careful when seeking new talent and companies should cautiously post their confidential job posting.