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Recruitment services for School Nurse

The importance of a school nurse is evident from the fact that lives and well-being of our kids largely depends on them as they regularly monitor child’s health and respond to emergency situation first when the child is at school. So we take special care while selecting candidates for this job profile. Only the ones with right professional training and certifications with ample work experience are considered for this job.

Our specialized medical recruitment agency deals in all kinds of professional medical positions from doctors and nurses to radiographers, perfectionists and more. Our minutely selected and regularly updated database of working professionals enables us bring you the right manpower solution fast and at affordable prices. Know more about our work process here.

We make sure any candidate we pick for this position is proficient in:

  • Provide nursing care and physical screenings to students to determine such findings as impairment in vision, hearing, scoliosis etc.
  • Monitor general health and spot health concerns that are outside the zone of regular ailments.
  • Assists physicians with medical assessments and immunization when these are conducted on the school grounds.
  • Provide immediate first-aid in case of injuries to students
  • Counsel students and when necessary parent, with health or lifestyle issues such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, substance abuse, depression and other relevant issues.
  • Maintain updated databases of children’s medical records and notify doctors and parents when attention is necessary
  • Administer treatments / medicines as prescribed by physician.
  • Prepare budget of health supplies and tentative expenses of school health care.
If you have specific requirements, our expert recruiters will make sure your requirements are matched. Contact us today for further information on School Nurse recruitment.  We are also available on skype and call during working hours.

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