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Marine Engineering Recruitment Services

The engineering branch which deals with vessels in water is called marine engineering. This means that a marine engineer would be closely working with design, construction etc., of various vessels like boats and ships. Apart from commercial industry, there is huge requirement from Navy as well for the skilled marine engineers. Leading recruitment firm, MME Recruitment Consultants has been recruiting marine engineers for oil companies, shipping yards, cruise companies, import and export houses in United Arab Emirates, New Zeland, Australia, Singapore, India, Saudi Arab, United Kingdom etc on a regular basis.

When recruiting a Marine Engineer we look for the following general responsibilities

  • As a lead engineer, he has to look out for the design, layout etc., and install equipment, supervise and repair, if need be
  • Ensure that the work is aligned with management goals and conduct surveys based on ecosystem and operation and give the inputs
  • Ensure that the equipment and applications are functional before installing and any misses communicated to the officials to avoid latency
  • Orchestrate a structural format on doing such tests and ensure that it is been standardised
  • Institute checks to evaluate the stages of test operation
  • Facilitate the ecosystem required, for the proper working of the equipment

We prefer candidates who can perform these duties satisfactorily

  • Initiate checks to identify the irregularities in the working of machines
  • If anything found, must be rectified to ensure safety and standard
  • Should be in par with the  latest developments of the technology and bring the optimum performance
  • Should be able to demonstrate the operation of the machines by ensuring adequate safety measures
  • Service and rectify any irregularities in the working conditions of equipment
  • Ensure collaboration to constitute on time completion and delivery of projects


It should be noted that as a major recruitment consultants in India, MME Recruitment Consultants has a good number of satisfied clients from different fields like Petrochemicals, Maritime and research. The firm ensures that each of its applicants are being recruited with respect to their skillset and talent and based on the exact requirement of the employers. A required experience of 2-6 years, aligned with companies’ expectation on criteria of their recruitment process is mandatory. You can be assured that you would get the best bet, considering your qualification and experience in a fruitful association with a good employer in Marine engineering / Shipping / Exploration / Petrochemicals or related industries.