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Design Engineer Recruitment agencyDesign Engineers work in a variety of Industries including electronics, mechanical, architectural, civil and textiles. They usually research and develop ideas that lead to creation of new products as well as systems that eventually create them. For existing products, they strive to improve their performance and efficiency. When new products do not measure up to their required standards, they initiate ways of identifying the cause and looking for possible solutions.

To be current, a Design Engineer must be able to use computer aided software, and should be willing to combine design principles and engineering. In brief, to possess qualities that will make an individual competent in Design Engineering, one must have the right qualifications plus a love for the job.

A foundation degree is a necessary requirement to be a competent Design Engineer. Subjects relevant in this field include industrial design, engineering product design and materials science, not forgetting computer aided design engineering. To be able to obtain jobs fast enough, a Master’s Degree in the field is an added advantage. The tasks carried out by a DE are enormous andrequires commitment.

At MME Recruitment Consultants, we assist employers to get the best Design Engineers they need. We understand how complex the job is and guarantee our clients only the best candidates. We narrow our search to individuals who have shown a desire not only to do their work well but are willing to learn and adopt current trends.

Since experience in the field is a necessity, we ensure our candidates have been exposed to a variety of work environments either as workers or interns. So far, we have been able to provide reliable workmanship to a number of employers in numerous countries. The feedback has been excellent, meaning our job has always been well done.

We are aware that design engineers must possess certain skills that aid in their work. These include proficiency, team work, diligence, technical knowledge, keenness and quick yet precise decision making. We have candidates who possess all these qualities and more. When employers contact us, we deliver according to their description. After all, MME stands for quality and reliability.

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