An ultimate guide to remote employer branding

Employer Branding During COVID – 19 | Akrivia HCM - HR Solutions

Employer branding is the act of cultivating an employer brand, which is essentially an identity or persona cultivated by an organization that is presented to the public.

Typically, an employer brand embodies an organization’s mission, values, and culture. A positive employer brand signals to prospective job candidates that the company is a reputable employer and a good place to work.

Employer brand whether positive or negative can strongly influence a talent acquisition (TA) team’s ability to effectively attract and hire top talent. The more involved TA teams are in the act of employer branding, the more likely they are to succeed.

Below are the factors that help you in remote employer branding-

Create your employer brand-

Employer branding, which is simply defined as your reputation as a brand and the value it can offer to its employees. Some of the benefits of engaging in employer branding are as follows:

*It helps to attract and retain talented people who are crucial to the success of the business.

*It is the business identity of your organization and helps you stand out to job seekers.

*It enables HR professionals to improve the talent pool.

*It impacts how customers and prospects perceive your brand.

Create your online brand-

Your brand doesn’t just exist in your office. It is also online. Find out where your target candidates hang out—for example, are they on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram? Engage with employees and prospective candidates on their preferred channels so you can make the biggest impact.

Strengthen your online brand by:

*Responding to reviews- Taking time to respond to reviews shows you listen to and value feedback. Be respectful and positive. If the review is negative, offer an apology or outline how you are working to address the issues they identified.

*Promoting your company- HR should be working closely with marketing to develop content that promotes and supports your employer brand.

*Delivering services on promises- When you make promises (whether responding to a review or publishing a statement on your website or social media comments), make sure you deliver. Follow up and hold your team accountable to your promises. This shows people you are walking the walk and not just giving lip service.

Create an action plan-

Once you’ve collected data, review your findings and create a plan of action based on the gaps and strengths in your brand.

If your employer brand is currently strong, your strategy should help you identify what is working well so you can continue to support and reinforce those efforts. If your brand is weak, identify what areas are lacking and focus on those issues to target your efforts.

Clearly outline your plans and share them with stakeholders and employees. Be sure to get buy-in on your branding strategy from leadership. You need everyone on board to ensure a unified and consistent approach.

Provide transparency on flexible work options-

The COVID-19 pandemic may accelerate the transition to full-time remote work. In-office perks currently aren’t relevant or attractive to unemployed or underemployed people looking for potential jobs.

Many businesses have transitioned to full-time remote work during COVID-19. Before the pandemic hit, only 39% of businesses offered flexibility with remote work. According to data from Clutch, however, 66% of workers are working remotely at least part of the week as a result of the pandemic.

Companies should promote flexible working options when advertising open positions instead of focusing messaging on in-office perks. Only one-third of hiring managers (33%) promote flexible and remote work in their employer brand.

Use your core values-

Use your core values and mission to guide and improve your employee value proposition (EVP). Your EVP is the value your employees get by working at your company, such as competitive compensation and benefits packages, as well as perks and culture. Aligning your EVP with your core values will help you strengthen your brand and increase employee satisfaction.