The Top 5 trends in Recruitment Consultancy Industry

There has been a huge change in the way people search for the right candidate for their business. Here are the top trends that Recruitment Consultancy follows now days:


1. Use of Automation Tools:

Recruitment Consultancy

Technology has played a vital role in industries making assignments simple and well-organized through automation. Modern recruitment trend includes the use of automated systems that filters job applications based on specific criteria that you are looking in candidates. Most of the Recruitment Consultancies are using automation tools to find out right skilled candidate for their advanced search.

More advanced automation tools use Artificial Intelligence that uses algorithms for surveying of skills and achievements to identify the right candidate for your requirement faster and more smoothly. Automated tools and machine-learning algorithms are used in CV screening and communication with the candidates.

 2. Social Media Recruitment

Social media is one of the most popular and effective channels used in recruitment now days, and it is booming fast day by day. Social networking sites such as LinkedIn and even Facebook are proving a platform to search for talent as per their requirement. Many Manpower Consultancy too are using social networking sites to find out right candidate.


3. Candidate Experience

Candidate experience is a job candidate’s reaction about the company’s job application process—from sourcing to on boarding. Ultimately, candidates who’ve had a great experience during recruitment process will be more likely to sign up, apply again in the future, and refer another candidate to your company. In latest Recruitment trend, Placement Consultancy uses an Application Tracking System (ATS) that can help in improving candidate experience by automating responses that go out to candidate at different stages of Recruitment process.

4. Talent Relationship Management

Talent Relationship Management (TRM) is the approach to create, develop and enhance relationship with potential talent. In recruitment, it means to stay connected with the candidate before, during and even after the hiring process. TRM is in most common Recruitment trend now days for any Recruitment consultancy to stay connected with potential talent.

5. Last but not Least – Mobile

We are living in the era of science and technology; here everyone is using Smartphone now days. Most of the job-seekers use mobile device to search for job.So, Mobile is going to be most common recruiting trend for most of the Recruitment consultancy.