Top 5 Factors that Build Employer’s Image for Talent Acquisition

There is no denying the fact that Wipro, Infosys, HCL, TCS, and TechMahindra are few names every IT professional loves to work with. The major reason behind it is the image of these companies in the sphere of global IT development. On the other hand, the scams like SATYAM-MAYTAS harmed the reputation of concerned companies and their employees decided to walk out. Hence, employer’s image is a crucial factor to hire and retain the talent within an organization.

Let’s read further why the job seekers show interest in employers with the great image in the respective industries.

Job Security

The job seekers prefer the well-established conglomerates rather than working with the start-ups, the reason being job security. A company with a large infrastructural set-up and good image in the market never remains deprived of the work-projects and always look forward to hiring the talent. In such a professional environment, the employees work calmly with job security in their mind, irrespective of the factors like recession, share market volatility, etc.

Growth Perspective

A company with a positive image in the market is believed to be concerned about the business ROI as well as the growth of the employees. In the current scenario, the job seekers prefer big brands as they have their individual growth in the mind. The top performers in a good company have their bag full of growth opportunities and a bright future. Therefore, the firms counted in good books attract employees the most to be a part of.

Perks apart from Salary

Giveaways like office outing, team building exercises, incentives for target completion, etc. are the few aspects that transform a good workplace into a great workplace. It also helps an employer build a phenomenal image and hire the best talent available in the market. The job seekers always dream about working with a company which offers such perks, apart from the regular salary.

Brands treat their employees like family

The large groups with a good reputation in the market treat their employees like a family. Be it medical cover or any festival celebration, they leave no stone unturned in pleasing their employees to the fullest. The job seekers always love to work with a company where they receive such treatment and personal attention. Hence, here the employer’s image obtains full marks in impressing the people who are looking for a job change.

Flexibility in work

Nowadays, the employees want to work on their own conditions. The strict reporting time in the office like a school is a thing of the past now. Most of the companies have stepped into the world of flexible working hours where the employees are allowed to choose a time slot according to their convenience. If stats are to be believed, such companies succeed in picking the best talent from the recruitment drives.


A company that reflects the aforesaid factors in their work environment certainly becomes the prime choice of the job seekers to work with. Incorporating these factors also helps in building an image for an organization. Remember one thing; employer’s image is the most imperative thing to hire the best talent and optimize the productivity.