Tips for remote video interviews

Virtual Success: Tips for Your Video Interview | WeAreTheCity

So long as social-distancing measures remain intact across the country, the majority of job interviews will take place remotely, either via phone or a video-conferencing platform such as Zoom, Skype, WebEx and Hangouts. Although a video interview shares a number of similarities with an in-person meeting, there are crucial differences that you need to understand and consider long before you log in.

Technology has radically transformed how, and where, Americans work — and will continue to do so long after this challenging time has passed. That’s why it’s time to learn how to master the remote interview. The job you’re applying for may or may not be remote going forward, but in this time of social distancing due to the novel coronavirus your interview will be. And as things evolve, this may become more the rule than the exception. According to the United States Census Bureau, remote interviews are becoming increasingly common as millions of workers are being hired to WFH.

Below are the tips that are helpful for remote video interviews

Make sure you are ready for remote work

This sounds surprising when speaking of an interview for a remote job. But, really, this is a thing you should consider before you decide for an interview.

We run interviews for remote projects. And surprisingly, there is a significant group of people, who don’t want to work fully remote, but they don’t want to be all the time in the office either. If that’s you, think twice if what you really need is just normal job with occasional remote work possibility.

Remember to well dressed up

A video interview is less formal than an on-site one, but still, you have to look well and professional in the interview.

Well settled space

Once you are sure, that full remote work is something for you, you have to get prepared. As you will definitely have one or more video calls during the process, start your preparations by getting your surroundings cleaned. So take your things, put them into cupboards and make your space look professional.

Make sure your system works effective

You don’t want to start your interview like this. Before an interview, check all your devices and necessary software. Make sure your camera, loudspeaker and microphone work. Close unnecessary software, that my slowdown connection. If you have some time, connect over the video with one of your friends, to see if everything works.

Don’t be stressed out

Well… we all know that Skype leads the way in sudden connection interferences. Luckily there are currently a few better solutions than that (Google Hangouts, Zoom, WebEx, Skype), but they also not free from problems. The chances that sudden interference will happen to you are considerable. Don’t worry about that. Just smile, be polite and ask to repeat their question or the sentence they said.

Check the time zone

This small detail, but an important one. If your interviewers are in another time zone, make sure you meant the same time, while scheduling your meeting. It’s quite funny if you start to ping someone, why he is already not there and they write back we have a call in an hour from now. It’s less funny when they ping you and you are driving back from your office or doing anything that effectively stops you from being at your interview.