Things that HR department need to do now


Things that HR department need to do now


Many companies are busy today in to handling the work which was affected by COVID-19. They are only addressing the day to day issues that arise when it is important to running a business. However that means they are not able to spend the time planning for, and assessing, future business opportunities, and the human resources and talent management needs that those opportunities will bring. So, there are many companies HR department suggests to take the help from the professional employer organizations in India or top recruitment companies in India. Keep stalk of many needs in advance means better decisions later. This step also prevents you from burnout, mistrust, and disengagement of your current agendas because you have planned this appropriately by hiring the manpower recruitment companies in India. Businesses that effectively plan often have lower turnover rates, better capabilities, and better employee engagement.

Things that HR department need to do now

Embrace new technologies

The recruiters schedule the interview on video or audio call as per the instructions of the employers and communicate the things positively. This is a quick, easy and convenient way to screen candidates and their capabilities. The telephonic or video interview is also your first opportunity to leave a lasting first impression on your potential employees. So, while you need to keep your very first interview short, make sure you also take the time to screen them against the knowledge, skills and experience mentioned in your job description, so you can eliminate the irrelevant profiles first. Even if there are multiple stages of interview, the professional recruitment agencies in India update the candidate about each step.

On-board remotely the selected employees

All about the work culture, location information, role specifications and other profile related training come under on-board programs.  Employee onboarding is a series of activities that allow new hires to get to know their team and learn about the company’s culture, methods, and working tools. Remote employee onboarding is the same process, but when the new hire is going to be working remotely rather than from the office.

Handle new hire training

Training and development is one of the ways to improve the company’s employee engagement. Continuing the education of established employees and constantly upgrading their skills and knowledge is the responsibility of the human resources department. Ongoing employee training is vital for a company to maintain its level of professionalism and skill.

The department normally finds or creates different types of training and classes, such as first aid courses or software classes to ensure that their employees are properly educated. Employees and even management needs a refresher course once in a while. The human resource department works in collaboration with other departments to achieve the goals and maintain the standards of the company and its value.

Employee performance review

It is essential that businesses should review and analyze the performance of their staff. Of course, you want your employees to be as productive as possible and performing their role to the best of their abilities, but it’s not something that you can rely on happening 100 percent of the time. Because of this, it is useful to have performance reviews.

Legal compliance overview

Legal compliance simple means to comply with all the necessary laws and regulations applicable which is the responsibility of the human resource department. The legal compliance department of the MME ensures that the company & employees both comply with all the requirements specified in the applicable laws and regulations.

Direct payroll processing

A successful business run is the outcome of mutual affection between an employee and a corporation. A company expects the worker to do their fullest associate degreed and an employee reciprocally an honest and customary incentive package from the organization end. The managing of employee salary in a company is handled by the payroll management processing system. The salary and other allowances to employees, loan deducting cost like everything come in a company are done by the payroll outsourcing process system.