• THE OBLIGATIONS OF FOREIGN EMPLOYERSA foreign employer keen on recruiting Indian personnel is expected to do so either through a registered agent in India. Alternatively a foreign employer can recruit Indian personnel directly after being issued with a permit under chapter of the emigration act, 1983 which can be found at the local or nearest Indian mission or from the office of protector general of emigrants, ministry of overseas, Indian affairs, Akbar Bhavan, Chankyapuri, New Delhi.
  • When inserting advertisements in Indian newspapers in cases of direct recruitment, foreign employers will be required to indicate the permit number they were issued with, a copy of the permit letter will also be attached with the advertisement form as proof them being genuine people.
  • Prospective emigrants will be required to sign the employment agreement incorporating information contained in rule 15(2) of the emigration rules, 1983 besides other details. These will not be changed, altered or even revised at the destination of employment.
  • The foreign employer will be required to comply with the terms and conditions of the permit issued for direct recruitment from India.

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Reference: ministry of overseas