South African police use force to disperse anti-immigration Protesters

South Africa has been grasped with anti-immigration protests and the police had to use rubber bullets, stun grenades and water cannon in an attempt to disperse anti-immigration protesters in Pretoria.
Foreign nationals had gathered to express concern and rage over the recent attacks. As per an official, 136 protestors were arrested in the past 24 hours.
South Africa protesters in Pretoria.
There is a wide spread resentment against foreign nationals as they had been alleged of taking jobs opportunities from locals in a nation where unemployment rate is considerably high.
It is known fact that South Africa records more than 25% unemployment. The foreign nationals are also blamed of drug dealing among the other crimes.
Protesters in Pretoria marched towards the foreign ministry on Friday. Some of them were carrying sticks or pipes. They had handed over a petition requesting that the government should teach the immigrants to speak properly.
The Nelson Mandela Foundation criticised authorities for “giving permission for a march of hatred”.

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