Retained recruitment services


Retained recruitment services


As the hiring manager responsible for filling a niche position, you are probably wondering which recruitment service will be the most helpful. If you have a niche role for an unusual skill set or a vacancy that requires very specific qualifications, retained search is your best option. Retained search a type of executive search allows a recruitment specialist to focus on and prioritize your role in a more proactive way. This model is very prominent at the top end of the market such as executive positions or for key roles within a business that are hard to fill.

Retained recruitment service solutions focus on quality. Our majority focus is to provide the best retained recruitment search by focusing on an industry or niche also we dedicate substantial resources to the timely completion of a search. Typically, a peo service company team who understands the function will be assigned to head hunt the quality talent. Because we work on an exclusive basis, we focus on quality efforts; our team might only be working one or two roles at any given time, but all within their 100% specialty. We always seek to find the best candidate for your company position irrespective of time frame.

How MME retained recruitment service works-

MM Enterprises has a wider reach of potential employees than other resources. Not only do we have a continuously growing database of networking contacts, but we also have access beyond people who are actively looking for jobs what they call passive candidates. When trying to fill a placement without manpower recruitment agency, you typically have access to candidates who are currently looking to leave their job or who are unemployed basically only people who come to you. However, our retained search extends to currently employed candidates as well, ensuring that you hire the best possible employee, not just the best of who is available.

Retained recruitment search is an entirely different proposition. Using this model requires the hiring business to pay to the recruitment company to act exclusively on your behalf and source the best candidates. With retained search, partnership is vital. Search firms operating a retained model function as an extension of a client in hour’s talent acquisition or HR teams. They take the time to understand the client’s business model, its values and challenges, alongside the particulars of the hire. Not only does this ensure shortlisted candidates are a good fit for the role and the organization’s culture essential for retention but it ensures consultants can paint an organization in the best possible light when pitching to high caliber candidates.

The most important part of the process is the research phase. At this stage, we will work collaboratively with you as your recruiting team to discuss the organization and the specifics of the desired executive placement. Our understanding of the specific requirements will allow us to develop a position profile. This is both the road map for the executive recruitment search and a document that can be shared with candidates, summarizing the organization and the executive position’s scope, as well as an outline of the ideal candidates management competencies, work style and personality.

Our head hunters have excellent researching skills and people skills, making it easier for them to determine whether a person is qualified and if they fit into your organization culture. We work with you to identify a short list of highly skilled candidates. You will interview them all in one day in a manner and then you need to identify the top two or three who should move forward to final interview. And finally, we work with you to finalize the negotiation process and ultimately accelerate the hiring and onboarding process as per set criteria.