What are the recruiter’s parameters to shortlist the CV?

Do you think that inserting some hard vocabulary in your CV is the catch for the employers? Though resume needs to be well drafted with great writing skills, the expectation of the recruiters is sky touching. The fact cannot be denied that the employers spend barely a minute on each resume and you have a very short time to impress them. Let’s apprehend certain parameters that the recruiters notice before short listing the CV:

Credibility of your current job profile and company

The reputation of your present organization is the foremost thing to catch the sight of the recruiters. The candidates from Google, Amazon, HSBC, Reliance etc will be given preferences. Other than this, the employers are also interested in your current profile and for how much time you are been to that role.

Experience counts

The second reason of attention would be the experience. The candidate with 7 years of experience in the relevant field would explicitly be preferred over the one with 3 or 4 years of experience. No company wants to invest its time and money on providing the core training of the work profile to the candidates, hence experience matters.

Scan the skills

Scanning add on skills of the candidates is something that no employer skips. This is because the companies always admire the multitalented aspirants whom they may transform into the multitasking employees. Thus, highlight your skills as much as you can and grab the attention of the recruiters.

Qualifications and achievements

The recruiters cannot put aside your qualifications and achievements when it comes to the genuine selection procedure. No matter how many extra-curricular activities and add on skills you have mentioned, if you are low on the scale of qualifications, you will lose the battle.

CV drafting format

Lastly, the employers do appreciate your efforts of creating the resume in a professionally excellent manner with the use of advanced tools and software. Be cautious about the templates, format, images, charts etc as such things need to be perfectly included in your CV.

All in all, the recruiters need smart, talented, tech savvy, well qualified, experienced and professionally active candidates for any kind of role.