Qatar’s population spikes by 217,000 people last year

In an interesting trend Qatar’s population has grown by about 10% in the last year. Qatar added an additional 217,000 people to its total population till February,2015. In the last 11 months population has hit the peak seven times. Qatar Census department revealed the figures prior to economic year end.


Image Credits: Peter Kovessy

This data is the total of all citizens and foreigners living within the border of Qatar. Population value fluctuates over the year as citizens and foreigners leave for vacation. Troughs in the graph occur mostly during long holidays and school vacations. So the spike in figures is most likely due to residents returning to the country after the winter break for year-end term.

Experts also add that much of the 10% rise in population can be attributed to the mme1infrastructure boom in 2014 leading to an ever increasing requirement of construction workers. Sex ratio has remained the same despite a majority of immigrant employees being male. That is because in most of the cases blue collared workers are accompanied by their wives. That being said there has also been an increase in female workers requirement.

Even as construction industry is busy in various projects like infrastructure for education, health care, housing etc; expat parents still complain about lack of facilities for children. Especially demand for flats and villas in the mid price segment would increase. It has to be seen how Qatar rise up to this challenge.

Qatar’s high population density also contributes to both the feeling that the country is becoming increasingly crowded, as well as putting pressure on schools, shopping centers and other community areas. The population density of the country is highly skewed and continues to be so. 77% of the total population live in two cities viz Doha and Al Rayyan. Comparing population density to other cities and towns Doha has a population density of 3,200 people per sq mile where Al-Shamal reports only 8 people per sq mile.