How to post your resume in job boards?

Posting a professional resume in job board is the basic step of job search. But before doing so, keeping yourself ready with a well written resume is a must. This is possible through a  providers. Job boards are of various types such as regional job boards, international job boards, National job boards, industry specific job boards, social job boards etc. Now let us discuss in detail, the post work one needs to be done, after posting your resume in job boards.

Do you know to post your resume in job boards?

Terms and Conditions                       

While creating an account in a job board, be aware of their terms and conditions. Each job board will have different set of terms and conditions and it may vary based on the requirement of the job board for various positions. Some may have vacancy for national jobs alone, for premium members only, specific industry background etc.


It is better if you understand the job requirement, and then apply for any job, when it comes to job board. Too many jobs might be available in job boards. Try to read the job descriptions carefully, to know better about the requirement before applying. Certain jobs may require specific technical skills that can never be compromised. So do it accordingly.

Submit personally

Once you are clear about the job description, and if you feel your profile suits it, then apply for every job separately. Go through the similar kind of roles, and apply in person. In case, if you find contact number and email id, then it is better to forward a mail separately and then it would be good if you intimate them regarding the mail.

Follow the instructions

Try to stick to the instructions without any mistake.Interruption in this process may either result in rejecting the application at any stage. It may also end up in creating bad impression over you. To avoid all these stuffs, better stick to the instructions strictly.

Valid formats

There are various formats available while drafting a document. But each job board’s requirement is different. The usual formats are doc. Docx. Text. PDF etc. Try to create a document on the format that is specific for that particular job board.

 Update your resume regularly

Try to keep your profile, resume and other details updated on a regular basis. Also update your technical and general skills frequently. Staying updated will always help to keep your profile at the top of search list. This will maximize your placement opportunity at the ease