What to do when need high volume hiring but talent supply is low?


What to do when need high volume hiring but talent supply is low?


Recruitment process is often difficult at the simplest of times, and therefore the pressure is increased immensely when it involves high volume hiring. There are many pros & cons of high volume hiring. Sometimes it is necessary for company growth and to require advantage of latest opportunities. However, it also exists many disputes that are not found with in the regular recruitment process. Organizations seek technological solutions sort of a professional employer organization in India provides full workforce optimization software to optimize their workforce effectively & efficiently.

High volume hiring refers to the method of recruiting an outsized number of individuals during a short amount of your time. Often this may be due to a rapid change like seasonal rush, a replacement branch opening, or needing more people to satisfy the completion of an outsized project by the deadline. It also can ask recruiting for positions which magnetize tons of applications, and thus will have a more intensive hiring process to figure through.

The most notable example of high volume hiring is Facebook, Google, Amazon, Walmart etc. who hired nearly 200,000 new employees over a couple of months in 2020 & 2021 so as to satisfy a surge in demand during the pandemic. While Google could also be a powerful exception when it involves the amount of hires it can make many other smaller companies also can use high volume hiring to great effect.

What to do when need high volume hiring but talent supply is low?


Hire right PEO services provider

Hire a solid professional employer organization services provider with an excellent industry reputation. Sourcing for giant scale recruiting is time consuming, tedious, and overwhelming. Yes, your ATS is perhaps great first attend place, but there will not be enough qualified talent, nor will your internal team be ready to assess them for fit when the clock is ticking. Let your PEO partner find quality, passive candidates to create the talent pipeline and have interaction the talent communities for you, in order that the talent acquisition team can assess skills, and manage the method with potential employees and hiring managers.

Hiring a reputable PEO consulting companies in India, will help your company not only hire faster, with better quality of candidates that a bigger pool of skilled workers to settle on from. This is also a method to save the time and focus on other work. because a part of your hiring steps are taken care of for you by your PEO recruiting partner by way of source talent and marketing your positions, initial interviewing/ screening and tedious reference checks.

Use high volume, right recruiting tools

If you are not using HR recruitment tools and latest technology in your hiring process then it is high time to implement some technology in your hiring process. By using recruitment tools, you will streamline recruitment process and make it far more efficient for you and therefore the candidates.

At many stages within the recruitment processes using an AI are often helpful. Many companies use an Applicant Tracking System to automate screening early stage candidates, which may save tons of your time and resources. An ATS can filter through a way larger number of applications tons faster than the human eye, so when properly programmed are often indispensable when it involves finding candidates with the essential requirements.

It also can send replies, schedule interviews, and usually make the method much smoother and a more positive experience on both ends, because it provides more communication between the two parties.

More focused on talented experiences

In such a turbulent market, attracting and retaining talent remains pivotal for the success of your organization and therefore the well being of your employees. Over 65% of surveyed talent acquisition leaders stated they lack a balance in digital and high touch candidate experiences. Today, quite ever, it is imperative to know where your candidate experience is lacking as more steps within the process become virtual, especially in areas like virtual event management, interview logistics management and onboarding. More robust onboarding and training experiences are needed to assist ensure low attrition and memorable experiences.