How to make an Good Impression in the Skype Interview?

With technological advancement, there have been a lot of changes in the way webinar-3199164_960_720companies conduct job interviews.  Many of the hiring managers are using Skype to interview the candidate. If you are looking for job in some foreign country, Skype interview is the most convenient option for hiring manager as well as job applicant. There are some HR consultancies in India, who can help you out in Skype interview. So, it’s more important to work upon your video interview skills to increase your chances of being selected.


Here are a few guidelines to help you make a good impression in a Skype interview:

  • Be prepared in advance.              

When you have a Skype interview, it is always advisable to get connected with the hiring manager one day prior to interview date. It will make a good impression on recruiter that you are an active job applicant. So, prepare a formal message to send connection request to hiring manager and send it one day before your interview.

  • Check internet connection, video quality and other important things.

Check all the important things such as internet connection, video quality, your headphone and microphone is working well or not. You can also make a demo call to some of your friend or colleague to ensure all things are happening properly. If you are going through some HR consultancy in India, they can also help you out in setting up Skype connection. Be available on Skype 20-30 minutes prior to interview timings to check all these things.


  • Be presentable.

Skype interview provides you lesser time to make impression on recruiter as compared to regular interview. Everything is important what interviewer sees on the screen when you are online. Similar to actual interview, dress up formally. Be aware of what is there on wall behind you. Check out the alignment of camera and screen etc.

  • Always have a backup plans.

Whenever you having a Skype interview, make sure you have a solid backup plan if any technical issues come up.

  • Handling the actual interview.

Like the actual interview, be confident while giving the interview. Skype interview is mainly used by international hiring managers. Think about how to increase social interaction and make most of the body language on camera.

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