List of documents can be asked by overseas recruitment consultants in India.

List of documents

The plan of moving to an overseas country and working there is an interesting one but there are many things you need to know before applying to job in other country, basically it requires a lot of planning. You can take help from overseas recruitment consultants in India to ensure that you meet all the requirements, before you apply for a position. You must have below documents to apply got a position in international market:

Valid Passport

The candidate must be having a valid passport; also it should not be expiring very soon. It must have validity of at least 4-5 coming years, most of the overseas recruitment consultants in India ask for the applicant’s Passport.

Educational Documents

If you are resident of India, most of the employers from foreign country are very strict towards educational document. So you must be having all educational documents, from schooling to highest education as it will be ultimately asked by the overseas recruitment consultants in India.


Experience Certificate of All Past Employer.

Valid experience and releasing document of not only the last working organization, but also of all the companies where you have worked since the beginning of your career will be required for the abroad jobs.

NOC Document, if you have already worked in some other country.

I you have already worked in some other country and now working somewhere in India and again you want to move to abroad for good opportunity, companies will require NOC certificate of all abroad organization where you have already worked, just to ensure everything was fine and genuine.

Training/ Seminar Certificates

All the training/seminar Certificates also are very important documents when you are applying for a position in abroad. The documents show that you are really qualified and suitable to perform the job and will require minimum training to complete the task.

Last but not least, Well Drafted Resume

Resume is very important before you apply for either Indian job or international job. For abroad opportunities, the resume must be professionally written and should contain all your educational and professional in very organized and precise manner.

The documents mentioned above are very similar to that you require while you apply for a job in Indian market. But certain countries may need different documents. So before applying any job.