Looking for abroad job? Confused about what to do?

Don’t worry. Here we are to help you..!

Here is the checklist you shouldn’t miss out.

Working abroad seems to be an exciting opportunity for any individual, in their profession. It gives a new experience, new challenges, new environment, and language and more to go. Abroad job is more like a life-changing opportunity and so no one would be ready to miss this.
Anyone who is looking for abroad opportunity, need to be aware of the following…

Prepare mentally

• Preparing your own mind for any type of change is the very initial step.
• Deciding the country of work and prepare your mind accordingly is very much important.
• Once the country is decided, you must be mentally ready to fit yourself into that country’s norms.

Be ready with your papers

• Once ready for abroad job, without any delay, you can start collecting your education certificates, experience certificates and papers from your previous and present companies.
• As you might not know, which documents they might ask for, it is better to be present with all the documents.
• Education document includes your degree provisional certificates, mark sheets, etc.
• Work-related papers include experience certificates, offer letter, relieving letter and so on.

Get your education documents Attested

• It is much necessary to keep all your documents ready and attested with the concerned Government officials.

• Education documents can always be attested by the Head of the institutes or universities.

Passport validity & immigration

• Passport validity and the immigration norms need to be checked frequently.

• If the renewal is required, then it has to be done and be ready with the concerned documents, before starting
the process.

Be ready for the cultural shock

• Culture is something which will even make you return home if it doesn’t fit you.

• One needs to be open to accepting cultural changes to survive in the foreign country.

• Try to enjoy the differences as the way they are.

• It is very much needed to understand and try to adapt to the culture of the country you are shifting for.

Salary in reality

• Salary is another factor for which everyone is seeking a foreign job.

• At the same time, everyone may not get the same salary and moreover, it varies according to the role,
qualification and company.

• Dreaming of salaries in huge numbers is not always possible and so people can have a nominal expectation that
matches the reality.

• At the same time, your salary should highly match your cost of living and other expenses which are essential.

Be aware of your motive

• It is quite important, to have clarity on, what your ultimate motive is, in the new job.

• It can either be for more money, to enjoy life away from home, explore new culture and language, meet and
socialize with a new set of people, etc according to their need.

• This motive is the driving force that will let you survive in the foreign country, during your hard times.

Be prepared to travel and stay alone

• Taking your family with you, on a very first visit, is not a good idea at the initial stage.

• It sounds like your landing on a different planet with your family. This might also disturb you and you
will struggle to get things done for them in the new place, which is very new to you also.

• Also, only a few companies will offer family visas, due to the complicated process involved in it.

• So it is highly advisable to travel alone, find yourself settled in a new job, new country, be used to it
and then bring your family if you feel this place might suit them.

Finally, be prepared with the above-mentioned points will make you enjoy the process of settling down in your dream and country hassle-free.