How to get job through Recruitment Agents in India?


If you are looking for job, you may or may not get suitable opportunity for your industry by self; you may require taking help from Recruitment Agents in India. Recruitment firms generally work with companies to find suitable talent for their roles and work with candidate to findRecruitment Agents in India suitable opportunity for them. It becomes quite easier for you to get job when you search through some recruitment agents as they hold large database of candidates with objective to get them all into most appropriate job for them. Benefits of job search with Recruitment Agents as listed below:

  • It is often noticed that recruitment agencies have all job related information that’s not been posted on job portals, so you will be aware of more openings coming across.
  • Recruitment agency can negotiate on your behalf for few things e.g. salary, working hours etc.
  • Recruitment agents have extended reach to candidate as well as employers.
  • Recruitment agencies will have great knowledge of specialist market; they can give insight into what exactly happening into the market.


Procedure for Getting Job through Recruitment Agents

Firstly you need to get registered with Recruitment agency, registration process may be online or offline. Most of the professional, reputed recruitment firms have online registration process now days. You simply have to fill online registration form and submit your updated resume on their portal. For offline registration, you may need to visit the recruitment agency and submit paper resume and other documents there.

Few recruitment agents may charge some amount from candidate for job. These may be genuine or fraudulent, be aware of fake recruiters. It is always suggested you to verify recruitment agency before paying any amount to them.

MRC, one of the leading Recruitment Agents in India, is providing recruitment solutions in India and abroad from last 25 years into various industries. MRC’s registration process is simple and free of cost, you just have to fill online registration form and submit your resume on website. Also you can send your resume on

Before you apply for any job through recruitment agents or by self, you must have all the essential documents for job with you. List of documents required by Recruitment Agents in India are listed below:

  • All Educational documents
  • Experience and Relieving certificate of not only previous employer but all past employer
  • Well drafted updated resume
  • Training/Seminar Certificates
  • Valid Passport, if you are looking for job in overseas country