What is the difference between Professional and General Manpower Recruitment Consultancy?

Professional Manpower Recruitment Consultancy:

Professional Recruitment Consultancy

Professional Manpower Recruitment Consultancy is the mediator between the organizations willing to recruit and the person seeking jobs or employment. The recruitment consultancy helps to meet the requirements of the organizations by suggesting the accurate profile of talented job seekers. They are built a healthy and interactive relationship with the client as such consultancy offer suitable candidate according to their needs and requirements. Professional Manpower Recruitment Consultancy in India offer services and jobs in the executive and administrative department. These consultancies do not provide jobs for the lower ranks.


General Manpower Recruitment Consultancy:

General Manpower Recruitment Consultancy engage in the process of searching, short listing, selecting, and appointing the perfect candidate for the job according to the needs and requirements of the client. They offer jobs in every field; from the lower level of tasks to the highest post of the management department. General Manpower Recruitment Consultancy in India charge commission from the candidates for providing them jobs.

The prime role of the manpower recruitment consultancy in India are:

  • To built and develop a healthy business relationship in the present competitive industry.
  • Serve as a link between job seekers and employment provider.
  • Analyze, access, and give proper respond with solutions according to the need of clients.
  • Find suitable candidates and provide them opportunities offered by the clients and assist them for an interview.
  • Manage the job process, interview and guide them with career advice.