What is the difference in payroll process services and staffing services?

It is an undeniable fact that managing a business in any stream is not everyone’s cup of tea. Right from the recruitment of efficient staff to the maintenance of their payroll processes are something that cannot be taken lightly at any point of time. Being a working employee of an organization, you may feel that your boss is always idle as all the work load is being transferred to the team. However, the stress of managing every department of the company is always on the shoulders of the employers. Considering the fact that the core operations of any business onto which the revenue and productivity depend should not get hampered due to certain non-core functions like payroll and staffing processes. Opting for the most efficient service providers for these two separate streams would explicitly be beneficial for the employer.

Say yes to Payroll services and stick to statutory compliance

Payroll is basically concerned to the employee payment that keeps the records of the total salaries or wages of the employees. Not only this, this process also involves the calculation of taxes that employees need to pay to the Government, tracking of duty hours, TDS deductions, employee assessment, promotions and bonus and much more. Outsourcing payroll process services is a wise step by any company or organization that aspires to save its cost as managing all such tasks by their own may involve unnecessary burden and expenses on them.

To quote some of the payroll services, salary checks, leave management, employee health benefits, insurance schemes, tax deductions, bonus and perks, keeping the record of attendance and working hours, grievances of the employees, registering for Provident Fund, query management etc come under this process. However, the companies need not to twist their workforce for handling the complete payroll process as long as the competent service providers are all around in the market. Instead of investing the time and efforts of the team in such non-productive activities, the prudent employers always choose the option of outsourcing payroll process.

Outsource staffing services and hire qualified employees for your company

Finding the right employee for your company with right qualifications and skills is quite hard. Employing HR segment in your company for managing the hiring of best candidates may not give you desired results. Not only this, you need to bear the cost of a separate HR department that too without any guarantee of efficient team. To rule out all such mismanagements from your organization, be ready to step forward with a sharp move of putting staffing service providers on board. You may deal with them on contract basis also. Let’s find out some of their specific services:

Identifying the most efficient and skilled professionals through various job portals, social networks and referral programs as per the requirements of the companies.

  • Screening the candidates on the basis of past experience, competency in the concerned field, educational background and other personal details. The process of short listing the aspirants is sometimes highly stringent as per the guidance of the organizations.
  • Some service providers also keep on following up about the performance and behavior of the hired candidates to ensure the rendering of high quality staffing services.

Now when the description of both the staffing services and payroll process management has been discussed in details, you must get a fair idea of the fact that both the solutions are poles apart. Where one is for recruitment of highly potential staff for the company, other is related to the management of employees’ salary, taxes, leave, PF etc.