How COVID-19 is impacting Hiring Managers and Job Seekers

How COVID-19 is impacting Hiring Managers and Job Seekers


The coronavirus (COVID-19) is continuing its damage across the world. Many organizations are taking significant measures to stop the spread of the disease, such as cancelling major conferences, enforcing employee travel bans, hiring through many recruitment consultancy are getting delayed, and encouraging employees to do their work from home, many safety majors are followed by the organizations.

All it takes is that get the businesses on hold, many of them are shut their offices, many organization hold their current hiring, and many of them terminate their employee due to continuous loss and it all impacts the hiring managers, manpower recruitment consultants, job seekers, staffing agency and outsource consultants.

Also, we can confirm that there has been a demonstrable impact on the hiring process due to the COVID-19. But the important thing is organizations have to prepare themselves for tomorrow because this pandemic is not could the impact for a long period of time.

Many companies have kept job application channels active to ensure the supply of talent and a smooth return to hiring once the lockdown is lifted and work resumes, many companies are hiring during the coronavirus.

Employers are taking many significant majors step to ensure the safety of their current employees.

We have seen all sorts of communications from different organizations reminding to people to wash their hands, putting hand sanitizer all over the place, go outside only if it is important to you, encouraging people to work from home. There are a variety of companies that are stopping all non-essential travels.

Major impact on hiring managers and job seekers-


Screening through the virtual interviews

The entire situation has brought tough conditions for recruiters as well. To avoid coming in contact with others, physical interviews are discouraged and are switching to virtual interviews everywhere. There are simple tips that can help you ace a virtual job interview.

Prepare in advance by downloading any software required, practicing several mock interviews at home and maintaining the right facial expressions. These are all important factors you should keep in mind before attending a virtual interview.

Transiting to the online recruitment process-

Hiring is one of the key activities where face-to-face meetings between recruiters and job seekers have always been a basic requirement. But, it is not the same anymore!

Companies are taking extreme measures on their hiring processes to keep themselves and others safe.  Therefore, they are transiting to the online recruitment process. Looking at the current scenario, the online onboarding process for new employees can soon become a new practice for many companies.

Delayed in the hiring process

Another loss in the businesses is many organizations sending their requirement to recruitment consultancy in india to taking hiring but they delay the process of recruitment.

Many of them halting hiring altogether, hold their process, some organizations are continuing the interview process via video conference call, but waiting to bring the actual hire into the office.

Deal with volume hiring

High-volume hiring also known as mass recruitment – refers to filling positions on a larger scale than normal, in a shorter time frame. A business usually needs to hire employees on masses due to rapid growth, new opportunities and expansion to new markets or regions. Seasonality is also a factor where demand for new workforce can fluctuate widely depending on time scenario. Just like now due to COVID-19 the positions in demand are manufacturing, health and pharmacy etc.

Automated Recruitment Solutions

Many companies are hiring through the manpower consultancy because they don’t want to invest the time in managing all the documentation part, also the crisis going on they don’t want to take any hurdle in this current scenario.

They all want to invest in touch-free automated solutions that provide all the HR solutions. E.g- Interview scheduling, documentation screening, prepare documents list, all online hiring assessments.