What can a recruitment company do for you

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Manpower recruitment consultants are a bridge built between two endpoints – employer and employee. The recruitment agencies arrange a rendezvous with their client and prospective candidate for particular kind of profile.

The recruitment consultants have a certain process, to get you the ideal employee for your business. They understand the need and job profile that is required to be filled. They shortlist a number of candidates from their database, hold tests and interviews and select a number of candidates, which are further sent to your firm. Then comes the last step, a one-on-one interview is held at your end, in order to finalize the right applicant for the job. Manpower Recruitment Consultancies make talent hunting an easy and less time consuming task. You meet job seekers who have been pre-selected to match all the criteria of your business need.

There are many domestic and International manpower recruitment consultants in India that work just to provide you with the best possible manpower for your business.

According to a study, nowadays, there are various industries and sectors that are unable to get the right, qualified and competent employees. For example, telecom, finance, retail, healthcare, engineering, etc.

Businesses spend a lot of time and money looking for the right talent. A good manpower recruitment consultants makes this search easy. They have specific recruitment departments that focus on providing the right applicant based on a particular industry requirement. Let say, in case of requirement of a candidate for marine engineering, there would be marine engineering recruitment consultants, who handle just the hiring for this industry.

These recruitment consultants are highly proficient in managing the hiring of industry’s most exceptional talent for you and your organization. The manpower recruitment consultants are a resourceful and imperative way to enroll skillful professionals, keeping in mind the advertising costs and unreasonable time spent on direct recruitment of the candidates.

There are many reputed recruitment agencies in India that can work wonders for both the job seekers and the companies when it comes to looking for the right candidate for the right company.

Branding of Employer

Branding of an employer is all about a set of characteristics and attributes of an organization that makes it mark a distinctive identity. Mostly, the branding of a company is intangible and also includes the positive work culture which attracts talent the most to be associated with such a company.

The buzz about a company in the market drives a talented professional to decide whether to work with the same conglomerate or not. According to the Glass door Head of Global Recruiting, “a company that concentrates on employer branding always cracks the best talent to work with it.

It gets easy for an HR professional to seamlessly explore and hire the best talent if the branding of their employer is considered on a positive note. Surprisingly, the stats testify that an employer with great branding attracts over 3 times as many candidatures per opening and their cost-per-hire reduce to half.

Employer Value Proposition 

Employer Value Proposition (EVP) plays the most pivotal role in reinforcing the brand of an employer. An organization’s values and policies are outlined by EVP that helps the HR department to offer the unambiguous overview of the company to the potential talent they are seeking for.