Are you asking college degree for middle skilled job?

Do you carry a notion that the college degree is the only evidence for efficiency and skills? This is indeed a wrong notion as sometimes high school passed candidate carries better proficiency in certain fields of science and technology than the four year college graduate. Coming to the selection of the candidates for middle skilled job, there are some employers who emphasize upon the college degree and are completely against those who apply for these positions with high school or intermediate degree in hand.

For middle skilled jobs like technician, electrician, teachers’ assistant, lab assistant etc, the candidates need not to be graduate or post graduate, rather the high school or intermediate degree with training diploma in the field is enough. However, most of the companies and sectors demand for a college degree which is unjustifiable for the middle skilled jobs. Firstly, the candidates won’t get paid much for their work and secondly why they need to carry college certification when they already possess the required skills through various training programs. For instance, if you expect a candidate to be excelled on educational background for the position of lab technician, you won’t get a single aspirant for the same as the highly qualified professionals would prefer for the jobs of their standard. Thus, the employers need to cut down their unnecessarily high expectations on the grounds of certification from the aspirants for middle skilled jobs.

The result of not hiring intermediate candidates for middle skilled jobs may lay implications on the employment rate. The scarcity of middle skilled workers is not a good sign for the economy of the state. This would not only increase the unemployment rate but also the companies need to struggle high to fill up the middle skilled job vacancies. The employers who seek for college degree should understand the practical aspect of doing the tasks that require the skills and not the certification. The technicians and the electricians with no college degree are even more confident and focussed for their jobs and seem satisfied with their salary packages. However, if you put less experienced graduate with no training at all on board, the consequences may not be favourable as the college degree holder would explicitly expect high income and salary hikes in the middle skilled jobs.

Stain your brain and think twice before asking for four year college degree certification from the middle skilled workers. Either you pay high packages to them or do not expect more than intermediate degree. This compromise is not on the grounds of skills or work efficiency as the middle skilled workers break their neck to serve the employers happily. If each and every sector in our country would become pragmatic enough to apprehend the significance of middle skilled workers, there is no harm to the economy. Always remember that asking a college degree from the candidate to fill the space for middle skilled job is as giddy and childish as asking an MBA to choose the least salary package.