The 5 Most Common Job Interview Questions with Smart Tips to Answer

The 5 Most Common Job Interview Questions with Smart Tips to Answer

Interview round is considered to be one of the most challenging rounds by most of the applicants considering that it is a test of not only your k knowledge but also of your personality, spontaneity, and skills. No doubts every job interview has different questions but it has been observed that there are some common set of questions which are often a part of almost every interview round. These are some general questions that can be related to your life, professional summary, future plans, past projects etc. So, they do not necessarily have to be related to the particular job position. Considering that these questions are often asked, it can be both easy and tough for a candidate to stand out and make their answer count. If answered well, these questions can help the candidate get their job. Here are the five most commonly asked interview questions and suggestions on how you can answer them.

Tell Me Something About Yourself”

This is often the very first question that you will most likely be asked by the interviewer to initiate the interview conversation. Before you begin to answer, keep this in mind that the person already has your CV and thus know about your previous experiences, your profile and life history. Most candidates present these points when asked this question but to answer smartly, be different.

Smart Answer

Take 15-30 seconds to introduce yourself where you can mention the profile that you have applied for and link it to answering as to how you can prove a good candidate for the particular post. Connect it to the work you have done in past and other important projects to show that you are worth it. Be prepared for this question already to sound confident while answering.

Why Do You Think You Are Perfect For This Job?”

Most candidate will rant about their qualification and professional experience in answer to this question. But you have to understand the real question behind it- the interviewer actually wants to know why you are better than other candidates.

Smart Answer

Here, you should talk about your strengths and most impressive qualities that make you stand apart and also that can be beneficial for the company. Mention the skills and expertise required for this job and show how you have a good hold on them. Focus more on showing how you can prove an asset for the company.

 “What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?”

Most candidates know their strengths well but when it comes to talking about their weaknesses, they either avoid this or answer it bluntly. One must understand that both parts are of equal importance as to know your weaknesses is also a strength in itself. The objective of asking this question is to know how well you know yourself. All humans have some weaknesses so do not try to answer this question by saying that you have none.

Smart Answer

You should know what your strengths are and you should also know which strengths to mention here. Do not start boasting about yourself, rather be modest and focus on strengths that can prove an asset for the company. Coming to the weaknesses part, be honest and mention them smartly. Along with telling your weaknesses, also share how you plan to overcome them.

Where Do You Find Yourself In Five Years?”

This question is quite common and most candidates get clueless here. He is not going to keep a track of your achievements neither is he going you on the basis of how high your goals are. All he wants to know is about yourself future plans and goals.

Smart Answer

Only candidates who have a career strategy in mind can answer this question well. Do not try to sound fancy while answering this. Rather be practical and your plans should have a connection with the profile that you have applied for.

What Are Your Salary Expectations?”

When asked this question, some candidates just bluntly utter any number and that will be quite evident.

Smart Answer

In order to answer this question well, the candidate will first have to do some research and figure out how much salary is offered in the industry. It is always better to know what the company is willing to offer and you can get to that point indirectly. Give an approximate figure or a salary range so that there is room for negotiation.

It is advisable for all the applicants to be well versed with the above-mentioned questions as you are most likely to encounter at least one of them. Always answer smartly to increase your chances of getting hired.

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