4 Spheres of Indian Engineers Demand in Gulf

The scope of engineering is raising high across the globe and the Gulf countries are no exception this time. Though the Indian engineers are a bit hesitant in moving their career life to the Gulf region, the hiring trends are brilliant there as far as the demand is concerned. The impact of intense competition in this sector has compelled various reputed companies to offer lucrative salary packages to the engineers. As we all know, India is an ocean of talent and skills, the employers everywhere prefer the Indian engineers over others provided they carry vast experience and great qualifications.

Talking about the market of job opportunities in Gulf countries like Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi etc, it has been showing quite a rising trend since last few years and this is expected to grow even more in near future. The Indian engineers have the option to choose from a wide range of sectors right from the civil and mechanical to the electrical and oil and gas engineering. Let’s throw some light on these different streams of engineering in Gulf countries and how the demand of Indian engineers is on higher side:

Civil Engineering

The Gulf regions provide great opportunities for Indian civil engineers owing to the rapid growth of world economies. The scope is quite high and the employers are increasing with great pace. The companies in Gulf countries possess an affirmative gesture for Indian engineers and offer the job opportunities as per their talent and skills.

Mechanical Engineering

The presence of heavy industries in Gulf countries serves as a boon for the mechanical engineers. This is why the companies are ready to pay attractive packages to Indian aspirants and the mechanical engineers seek their career growth here.

Oil and Gas Engineering

Being the hub of oil and gas industries, the Gulf States need manpower and thus the employers approach to look out for Indian professionals with creative skills and great potential of exploration. The job aspirants with degree in this stream of engineering can blossom their career in Gulf.

Electrical Engineering

Believe it or not, electrical engineers are among the highly paid professionals in Gulf countries. This is because sometimes the employers explore electrical engineers for project and design engineering also.

Thus, the quest for Indian engineers is increasing day by day in Gulf countries and the employers get in touch with Indian recruiters for hiring the best fitted candidates.