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Manpower Consultants and Recruitment Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Of the states that comprise UAE, Abu Dhabi has the biggest oil reserve. It is said to account for 10% of the world’s oil reserves, leading to many exports to other countries, both developed and developing. History has it that exportation of oil from Abu Dhabi to other destinations began way back in 1962 and continues to date.

As a formidable economy, Abu Dhabi constantly needs manpower to handle numerous tasks in various industries. This has been made possible by Aman Overseas which services the state with efficient workers in various sectors like

Because of its exclusive recruitment service, the wealthiest city of UAE has benefited greatly from the firm.

Other than oil, the tourism industry keeps growing day by day. Covering an area of 65,000sq km, the state has a number of significant tourist sites that have to be managed by

  • Qualified engineers
  • Safety controllers
  • Supervisors and planners.

All these employees are brought on board by MME Recruitment consultants. We provide our recruitment services not only in Dubai but worldwide: 

  • UAE
  • Europe
  • All Over Asia and many more...

Due to its popularity, Abu Dhabi is known to host trade fairs, conventions and exhibitions. The manpower that plans, promotes and executes these events is often organized by MME Recruitment consultants. All employees are highly qualified because the agency only considers the best candidates for all positions.

*We are a recruitment agency based in India hiring quality talent for employers worldwide. We have recruiting for Abu Dhabi since 2014.